Wednesday, January 2, 2013

..And Then What

The famous phrase, "there is nothing constant, but change" is echoing with volume through my life.
Although I am no stranger to change, 
the concept of it still brings the feeling of falling from an air plane without a parachute. 
(..I smile in spite of all my current fears, doubts, and/or inner searching.)

As I 'fall' into this new year, ..I am literally faced with a whole new palette of life choices.
With this, I am clearly and perfectly asking LOTS of colorful questions, not the least of which is, 
"how anchored am I in my own self value, and inner truth?"

I am learning to ask myself the 'right' questions in order to fine tune the navigational equipment of my soul;
learning the value of asking the best questions, to get the best answers.

One of my favorite authors, and mind expanders, Martha Beck has offered the suggestion that when you are trying to sort out various decisions, that you state your considerations, and then follow them up with "and then what?" 
This may seem like a simple question that can take you in circles, ..but speaking for myself, I find it effective.
It helps me circle the truth until I unavoidably land on it.

"And then what" is one of the best questions I am currently asking myself. 
It is leading me to deeper questioning, and broader self understanding.

One thing is certain, regardless of change;
I can choose happiness, peace, and love.

Here's to the best questions, the best answers, and to creating the best life ever in 2013!